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We have one of the most beautiful, picturesque properties in all of Southern Oregon. In addition to the symmetrical rows of Lavender in full bloom, we're surrounded by lush green grass, situated at the base of a majestic mountain ridge. Weather your looking to shoot senior portraits, engagement pictures, family pictures or wedding style photography, you won't find a more perfect place than Lavender Ally. 

Our season starts June 15th and runs through the end of July, we will be open to photographers on off days and by appointment only. 

We will accept appointments on Monday through Friday, as well as some select weekends. 

Open hours rate $25 per session (1 hour) and Closed hour rate $75 per session, each additional hour is $25.


FEES DO NOT APPLY for hobbyist photographers simply wishing to take photos of the lavender and surroundings. Rules and Regulations should be followed as stated below.


• You are responsible for all personal belongings. Lavender Ally Farm will not take responsibility for any loss.

• Be aware that farm staff, visitors or other photographers may be anywhere on the farm at any time. Please be considerate and do not ask them to move or take their photos without consent.

• Do not move any tables, chairs, or other equipment without consulting with the farm first. If you are bringing props for the shoot, please get them approved by the staff.

• Please do not remove or disturb plant labels or any signage located around the farm.

• Do not litter. Trash cans are located throughout the farm.

• Do not pick any plants. You will be responsible for any damage to the plants.

• There are no refunds of discounts given on the photo session fee.

• All professional photographers will need to show proof of liability insurance when booking a private photoshoot. Photographers must be respectful of other photographers and their clients when at the farm. 

• For any additional questions, please contact the farm.

All images from the farm are for personal use only. When posting images on social media, we ask that photographers/clients mention/tag Lavender Ally Farm. We also request that you provide us with a few digital images that we can use for our website and social media sites. We will give credit to the photographer, so please upload images with your logo/watermark.

 Lavender Ally Farm Photography.

CLICK HERE to secure your appointment or call us at (770) 584-9188. 

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